Saturday, 30 August 2008

Today's crop class

I released another crop class this morning and its already being booked like crazy and I don't blame you because its a really lovely kit. The delivery came yesterday and because it was a frantically busy day we didn't get much of a chance to really look at it. When I got everything out this morning to photograph it for the shop I had a lovely surprise, some of the chipboard is velvet flocked!! Its so strokable and lush, I can't wait to use it.

I ordered quite a few kits for this class so as soon as the classroom places sell out, I'll have the kits to sell on their own. I can't release them for general sale just yet as those attending the crop have priority but if there are any left after the 11th October then anyone can have them. I had a couple of emails last night from people keen to get their hands on the crop class kits and I completely understand that not everyone can get down here but I have to keep the classes for the crop days - there aren't enough class places to go round as it is!

Anyway, I should have more classes for both crops over the next week or so - keep watching this space for more info

K :o)