Thursday, 14 August 2008

Second August kit - repost

We had Kent club last night and despite it being the Summer holiday period, we still had an amazing turnout. So amazing in fact that we sold out of our August kit#1! Its so fab to see the range of different photos going onto the kit page and the totally different look it gives - we had everything from babies to hubbies going on! It was lovely to see Sue N again after her recent surgery, she had been extremely ill and everyone has followed her progress over the past weeks so we were all chuffed to bits to see her looking so well - take it easy hun!

I'm reposting the second August kit page with details of my photo sizes (special request from my Essex club girls!!). I used three photos - the main pic is 7" x 5" landscape, the second one is 3.5" x 4" portrait and the third is 2.75" x 4". Obviously, you don't need to print photos to these exact sizes in order to complete the page, you could use a large landscape and a large portrait together or even one really big photo!

I thought that this would be a great page for swimming pictures - I don't know about you but I have shed loads of them and have never done much with them. The strong blues can be a challenge to anyone and I probably wouldn't go into a shop and choose paper etc that would match. Thats why I'm really enjoying putting these kits together, I am really stepping outside of my box and love the end result! The papers that I think would be the most challenging end up being the easiest to use for some reason. Of course, you don't just need to find swimming pics for this page, anything with strong blues, bright greens and/or whites would look fab (I have some photos from a holiday in Greece with the white houses and blue shutters that nearly made it onto this page!!).

We have even more gorgeousness coming in our September kits - I'll add them here very soon!

Take care, K :o)

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Anonymous said...

This layout is absolutely fabulous. Make sure that you keep one for me for when I get back. Lyn