Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Take a peek at the project sample for the Retreat....

This is the type of project that you can keep playing with and adding to, the problem is knowing when to stop, I could keep tinkering with this but I had to draw the line somewhere and this is it!  I loved playing with each of the tiles that make up this patchwork.  You can do absolutely anything you like to each one and even if you do the same as your neighbour, they can be put together in so many different ways that each project can look really different.  We'll be inking, spraying, stamping, embossing, crackling, faux riveting, embellishing and anything else you'd like to do!

Almost everything that was used on the sample will be available in the kit or to use in the class but if you have any particular ink colours, stamps or embellishments that you would like to incorporate then feel free to bring it along.  The letters used to create the words on the sample don't form a part of the kit, you can bring along a black alphabet or cut letters from black cardstock - the Tim Holtz Wordplay Sizzix die will be available for you to use if you'd like.

I didn't include a photograph on the sample but one could very easily be added and it can be any size that would fit onto a 12x12 and leave space for embellishments!  This can be as flat or dimensional as you like, it can be a piece of art or a scrapbook page, its absolutely up to you!

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