Saturday, 27 October 2012

Exciting Prima project!!

Earlier this week Prima Marketing, the amazing company that creates stunning flowers and papercrafting products, announced a new project open to everyone. Called 'Life Journal', they were giving away six albums to six selected people to create the first pages in a journal that they would then pass on to creative friends. The fact that these would be physically passed would mean no postage cost or risk of them getting lost in the mail system. The response was incredible and do they decided to give away twelve journals. The idea is that these are eventually returned to Prima to form a part of their library.
Well guess what? I have been selected to start one of the journals!!! I was stunned to see my name listed as I never win or get picked for this sort of thing! I had to send in my details and am now waiting to receive the journal but my brain is already buzzing with ideas. From what I can gather, I will need to get a group of creative friends together who would all like to take part. It's a big commitment because there will be deadlines and criteria to meet. So my question is, are you interested?
I'd love to give some of my blog readers the chance to take part in this journal so if you're genuinely keen to join in please post a comment on this entry. If you have a blog or gallery online please share the address and let me know a bit about your creative
style, what products you like to use in your work etc. I'd really like this journal to show Prima just how much talent we have here in the UK!! If you feel the same way post here and let me know!!

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