Monday, 29 October 2012

Pumpkin ideas

With two days to go until Halloween the pressure starts building to create something fabulous with a pumpkin. This year they seem to be super-cheap and pretty decent sizes. I found them for 2 for £2 in our local supermarket.
You can of course opt for the traditional carved pumpkin and we usually choose a pretty ornate design each year. We have a tradition if roasting the seeds and having them as a snack fresh from the oven and I make pumpkin pies with the flesh. But what if you're not keen on all the mess and fuss of carving? Here are a few ideas for no-carve pumpkins!
1. Glue buttons or flat backed gems onto your pumpkin. Clear or coloured gems will add a fab sparkle!
2. Paint a design onto a pumpkin using simple black and white paint. The ghostly contrast of colours can be used to create a funky modern decoration.
3. Add ribbon, trim or washi tape using pins or hot glue. You can create eclectic mixes of pattern and colour or simple stripes.
4. Use spray paint and a stencil to add colour and design. You could take this up a notch by switching the paint for spray adhesive and then add sparkle with glitter!!
Have fun with pumpkins this year and share your creations in the gallery in the Total Papercrafts forum!!

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