Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Retreat checklist

Those of you who are attending the Total Papercrafts Creativity Escape this coming weekend should be starting to think about packing some bits and pieces around about now. Each class peek will have its list of specific tools and photo sizes but there are a few things that we generally expect everyone to bring as basics. I thought I'd offer a checklist for you....

Trimmer or preferred cutting tools for 12x12 card and paper
Non stick craft mat
Heat gun
Selection of adhesives
3d foam
Craft knife & cutting mat
Baby wipes
Kitchen roll
Ink blending tool & foam/blending sponge/brushes
Paint brush
Water spray
Latex gloves if you don't like having inky fingers!
Distressing tool
Tweezers - not essential but handy

This list is not exclusive and of course you may like to bring along more than this which is fine. If you don't have something on the list please don't panic, I'll have a few spares and we all play nicely and usually share our toys!!

Oh I almost forgot some other essentials - chocolate and your favourite tipple!!

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