Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New in stock at Total Papercrafts

Check out this fab spinner unit by Ranger!  I have lots of blending tools as I like to keep one for each colour family I use and so that means a lot of tools hanging around.  It gets quite messy having them all out and even having them in a drawer together so this spinning organiser is ideal.  The footprint of the spinner is surprisingly small - it only uses around 8" of desk space which is less than the loose blending tools take! 
I already have one of these living in our house and I don't know how I ever managed without it!! I love the retro styling of it and its sturdiness.  The other great thing is that the clips can take more than the blending tools, you can store paint dabbers upside down in them so they are primed and ready to go, pop your Stickles bottles in upside down to get the most out of each one or mix it up with tools and products.
We have the Craft Spinner in stock at Total Papercrafts and to go directly to the site to order one just click here, they are just £19.99 each and kit subscribers get free P&P on all orders.

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