Sunday, 29 July 2012

Missing you!

Hi there! As you may have gathered there has been a reason why things have been very quiet on here as late, we've taken a much needed break to rest and recharge our batteries. It was lovely to take some time away from work but being a bit of a workaholic I found it very difficult to leave everything behind. I didn't have much choice in the matter though, we had absolutely NO Internet save for the free wifi offered at a restaurant about 30 mins walk away. I was forced to go cold turkey from work and I found it hard!! Needless to say we have come home to a mountain of mail, literally hundreds of emails to wade through and masses of orders to ship. Back to reality with a bump! Obviously it will take some time to wade through the backlog and get back up to speed so please bear with us, we will try to get on top of things as fast as humanly possible. It has meant that the July kit shipment has been delayed a little but again, we will work on that as fast as we can. Despite all of the stresses that taking some time off brings with it, we had a smashing time. I did miss writing my daily blog posts and hope to be back into some sort of a routine pretty soon. Glad to see the weather perked up while we were away!!

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