Monday, 9 July 2012

Free thank you printables

I was in a supermarket today and was greeted at the entrance by a huge 'Thank You' card display aimed specifically at teachers.  I had a brief browse through the cards and was horrified at the price of some of them.  This gave me the idea of searching online to see whether there were any free printables that would fit the bill and the picture above is just one I came across.

The simple graphic style of these cards really appealed to me, they would be quick and simple to create which would make them a project that you could make together with your kids (or not if you prefer!!).  The download prints onto two sheets of A4 card which would make 6 cards, perfect for the teachers, classroom assistants and other staff members you might want to thank as the end of the school year nears. 

If you'd like to print some of these fun simple cards for yourself, you can find the download here

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