Thursday, 5 March 2009

We have a new member of our Kent club!!

After waiting nearly 2 weeks over her due date, Sarah from our Kent scrapbooking club has given birth to a baby girl! All the girls at club have been waiting for news of how Sarah was doing so I thought I'd let you all know. After being admitted for an induction late on Monday she went into labour on her own during the night and delivered a bouncing 9lb 1oz little girl very quickly thereafter. Stuart and Sarah have yet to decide on a name for their new arrival but Sarah told me that she is looking forward to bringing her along to club so we can have a cuddle!

What with Sarah's new baby at the Kent club and Sharon's impending delivery at our Essex club, it feels like there's a baby boom going on. I'm suppressing my clucky instincts for the time being and concentrating on our impending wedding!!

Loads of love to Sarah and the baby - here's hoping you have a good sleeper!! x x x x

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