Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mother's day!!

How was your Mother's day? I got my Jack back in one piece which was the best present ever!! He had a fab time in Germany visiting Cologne, Munster and Hamelin as well as taking part in loads of different activities. He seems to have grown again over the past week both in height and in maturity, these trips are great for encouraging young people to be confident and independant and I am so glad that he went (but even happier to have him back again!!). He survived the onslaught of the German girls unscathed but had a close encounter with one of the girls from the Grammar school that went from here - one innocent milestone with girls has been reached!

Dave's Mum and I were well and truly spoiled today as we were taken out to lunch at one of my favourite restaurants. It was a great excuse to wear the new dress Dave had picked out for me - not that I need many excuses to put on a posh frock! We went for a walk along the beach in the late afternoon sunshine and it almost felt like summer as we queued up at Rossi's for ice cream, I didn't realise how much I crave the sun on my bones. Hopefully this warm spell will last.......

Enjoy the rest of Mother's Day!!

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