Sunday, 22 February 2009

Have you tried stitching?

Have you tried 'stitching' images yet? No, it doesn't mean getting out a needle and thread, its a way of digitally matching up two halves of an image to seamlessly join them together. I know a couple of fellow scrapbookers struggle to capture a good picture of their 12x12 layouts and many resort to taking a photograph. This can present problems, particularly with colours, shine and the 'keystone' effect where the sides of the image appear to slope inwards because the camera isn't exactly square with a square object. You can pop your layout on the floor and stand directly over it or you can scan it in two halves using a standard A4 scanner and then 'stitch' it back together. I use Arcsoft's Panorama Maker which you can download for free from quite a few sites - just pop 'Arcsoft Panorama Maker' into a search engine and you'll find them! It is very easy to use, super fast and gives great results each time I've used it. You can 'fine tune' if it gets confused and you'll get three pointers you can place on each half - its very clever.

Now this is not new and I'm sure there are other packages out there but this is what works for me! Give it a go and see what you think?

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