Thursday, 28 February 2013

Something a little different.....

I usually post about things that are paper related but today I thought I'd write a bit about something a little different, a fab online shop I have discovered which has a wonderfully eclectic range of products including accessories and clothing.
I stumbled upon House of Wonderland via Facebook after taking part in a networking ladder and something about their quirky style caught my eye. I was looking for something to symbolise my word of the year (my annual word to inspire and motivate) and I was drawn to their range of bespoke accessories. The 'tattoo hearts' grabbed me instantly and I loved that I was able to choose any colour for the heart and any word for the tattoo banner - this was something that would be made for me, a one of a kind piece and that was perfect!  I opted for a traditional and simple red heart with no embellishment but I could have had turquoise tiger stripes or a crystal encrusted heart if I had preferred, the options were only limited by my imagination! To make it even better, this unique piece was only £12 including a silver chain so it would be ready to wear as soon as it arrived.  I was so excited and decided to order a second piece with my sister's word as well.
I know how time consuming it can be to make pieces but hand but I received my order within 3 days and they were wrapped in really pretty paper, perfect to give as a gift as they were.
Of course this is not the only item that House of Wonderland create, they have gorgeous handmade funky fabric bags, retro coin purses, fab jewellery pieces with retro tattoo images, Betty Page earrings and necklaces, made-to-measure high waisted skirts.  In fact they have more than I could even attempt to list and the prices start at crazy low pocket money levels.  If you're after even better deals then check out their Facebook page as there are regular discount days where for example you can nab a bespoke heart like mine for just a tenner!!
With Mother's Day looming it might be worth leaving their website open on your computer, it beats a bunch of wilting daffs any day :o)
You can find House of Wonderland here - its a fun and fresh website to browse through and its crammed with unique and unusual pieces for those of us with personalities to match! LOL!!

PS....I'm not associated with House of Wonderland in any way, I just like to share when I find a great company with great products and great customer service!

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