Sunday, 10 February 2013

Life Book week 6 - Courage

The Life Book project for this week was about creating an image to celebrate your courage. This is a positive process and not about focussing on the reasons you may have had to brave. The class was about creating a full figure drawing of a person in a brave pose with a fab technique involving masking out with both masking fluid and a stencil.

As usual, I didn't do the class exactly as the sample and chose to draw my figure swimming through the hard times. I saw her as refusing to sink regardless of what life throws at her! I used the stencil masking technique to create the seaweed. I used Dylusions and Tattered Angels sprays for the background which was a bit of a challenge as they can be so unpredictable. The hard thing was not knowing how they might be affecting my figure under the masking fluid. Looks like I have some underlying control issues!

After all was revealed I added some shimmer paint and stamps and was reasonably happy with the result. It's brighter than I'm usually comfortable with and not my normal sort of thing but its a successful drawing of a figure. Time to start listening to my fairy art mother who is telling me to stop being critical of my work and just enjoy it!

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