Friday, 1 March 2013

Feeling whimsical

I have no idea where this has come from but while playing in my art journal this week these whimsical girls have suddenly appeared! I've been playing with my Neocolor II watercolour crayons (which by the way are in the February kit 2!) and out of the page these girls have emerged.

My art journal is my place to just have fun. I don't teach anything that I create in here and the freedom I have to just mess about is a great way to unwind. I'm discovering all sorts of different mediums and learning how the react with each other. I can highly recommend it! It's also a fab place to stick all your paper scraps, I've created loads of collage backgrounds in this way. If the colours/patterns don't work for you then just paint over with gesso or acrylic paint and work off the texture of the layers that you've created!
I was someone who was told in school that art was about drawing realistic things and so when I couldn't do it I felt that I couldn't do art and wasn't creative. That's such a shame because now I see that's absolutely not true and I CAN do 'proper' art. 'Proper' art is about expressing yourself through colour, shape, feelings and just enjoying the process. There are no critics whose opinions matter, no teachers to please or exams to pass, it's just fun. So I can highly recommend getting out some paint and mixing it up with your patterned papers, stamps and anything else that calls to you and just play! Get whimsical!!

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