Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Life Book week 4 - Scales of Light

This class by Dion Dior really challenged me as we were asked to draw with white onto black. I had two issues 1) drawing and 2) no colour. The idea was that we gain an understanding of light and shade together with the power and emotion that light can add to a project.

Dion offered an easy option for those who find drawing a challenge by suggesting we draw around our hands. In discussing this idea with my sister, she came up with the idea of us each creating half of a double page where our hands form a heart in the centre of the page. I thought that was a terrific way to approach this project and to collaborate. I created one hand held in such a way that it forms half of a heart at the edge. Nikki will create her own right hand page to match mine with the second half of the heart and vice versa. It'll be a lovely way to keep connected and I will cherish having a piece of her art in my journal.

In the top left of the page I created a bird flying free. I then added a really positive and inspirational quote to the background. The bird really struck a chord with me and I really wanted to do something more with this concept so I created a larger bird. I filled the bird with lyrics from a song that had meaning for me.

So one class has inspired two layouts in my art journal and I've learnt so much about shading, light and using pencils. I am discovering so many art materials and how to use them. Watch this space for more to come....

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