Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A huge milestone!

Yesterday was a very special day for us as it was Jack's 18th birthday. I didn't factor in just how emotional it would be to reach this milestone!
I am so fortunate to have such a loving and kind young man in my life and he makes me so proud in all he achieves. He's worked hard through school and did well in his GCSEs, he was selected as a prefect, he has won awards for outstanding achievement and also for outstanding contribution to school life. Jack is a shining beacon of hope for the future and I am so very proud of him.
As it was a special day, I was allowed to take some photos - I'm usually expressly barred from using the camera in his presence!! It's important to mark the important events and they don't get more important than this!!
Where did that sweet chunky bubba go? What happened to the hilarious toddler? When did I lose my chatterbox preschooler? Who is this young man of 6 foot 4" with the boomingly deep voice and chin stubble? How did 18 years go by so quickly? Crikey, it's scary!!
Well my darling Jack, you are an adult now. There are a whole new load of adventures and challenges waiting out there for you. Go and grab your life darling, squeeze the juice out of each moment and enjoy!! Love you Spud!!

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