Thursday, 19 April 2012

Please support Wendy!!

Anyone who has attended our Essex club or attended our first retreat weekend last year will know Wendy Maslen - to be honest she is so lovely and fun you can't have missed her!  This year Wendy chose the word 'Complete' as her word to live by and among lots of things (including completing all of her club scrapbook kits!) she set her heart on completing the Virgin London Marathon.  This wasn't a selfish wish, she wanted to set herself a real challenge that involved raising money for Havens Hospices including Little Havens - the childrens' hospice. 

All through the cold, dark winter months, Wendy set out training and turned from a non-runner to a marathon athlete!  Her determination to complete her goal has been really incredible and those of us who are fortunate to be friends with her have been in awe of her throughout her training.  Just the thought of running 26 miles freaks me out but I have no doubt that Wendy will complete it this weekend and do herself proud.

I want to ask you something special, can you give some thought to donating to Wendy's fundraining?  She has an official fundraising page so its really easy to do - and its all official so you know that the money is going to go directly to the charity.  Havens Hospice is local to us here in Southend-on-Sea, Essex but they offer respite care and support to anyone who needs their unique care and facilities.  We have a number of club members who have had direct experience with the amazing work done by the staff at Havens and I'm sure that they are better equipped than I am to tell you just how well any donations will be used. 

Please support Wendy in her efforts to run the London Marathon and raise money for this amazing cause.  You can donate directly through her fundraising page here

Thank you so much and COME ON WENDY!!!xxx

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