Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ooh love me some Vintaj!!

Like most crafters I am always keen to see newer products on the market and something that caught my eye was the range of charms and jewellery by Vintaj.  The range is under the Ranger umbrella so you know its going to be good stuff and there are quite a few fab products in the line!

I am very partial to charms for embellishing my scrapbook pages and projects and so of course I was keen to see the gorgeous Vintaj range but I became very excited when I saw they have patinas and a glaze which can be used to colour and alter metals.  I can feel all sorts of fab things whizzing around my head already! 

There is a new video available showing how to use the patinas and glaze so I thought I'd show you what I'm talking about....

While I don't think I would necessarily wear the samples shown as pieces of jewellery or choose some of the colour combinations, I can see all sorts of potential here!  What do you think?

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