Thursday, 15 May 2008

Three minutes!

I am absolutely gobsmacked - tonight's classes sold out in 3 minutes!! I have a few spare kits after selling all the classroom places and I've just added these to the shop so that more of you can have the kit! If you buy these, you'll get the kit but there may not be a place for you in the classroom.

Talking of kits - last night's club kit was hugely popular but I did manage to keep three for the three of you who posted onto the blog - well done, you've got a kit each. If Christine can email me at the shop, I have already emailed Val and Suzanne so you should have your kits very soon! The next club is on 24th May so stop by the blog to see what we're up to and bag a kit if you like what you see!

Take care, K :o)

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