Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sore feet!

I was up bright and early this morning - ok, not bright but definately early as my back gave me a nudge awake at 5am! I popped my medication and now the only things that are hurting are my feet but that goes with the territory of teaching all day. The crop went really well yesterday - all the classes sold out and we had a really good laugh which is what its all about! The kids had a blast and were desperate to get back from swimming so they could help to clear up, shame its not as easy to get them to clean up their bedrooms!!

We have a nice lazy day ahead of us as we plan to go to the cinema this afternoon to see The Waterhorse - thank goodness for half term holidays as we had plenty to choose from but pleasing everyone can sometimes be a bit of a challenge! So it'll be big bags of salted popcorn and drinks all round!


carolyn n katy said...

Another fabbo crop Karen - keep up the good work and the fab classes!

See you in April!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant crop, as usual, Karen. Keep up the good work. Sorry I won't be at the April one (in Scotland) nor at the June one (my son's wedding) but I'll be chomping at the bit for the August one!! I shall need the breaks to finish off all those projects - especially the album (I'm not going to allow it to defeat me!). Thanks for all your kind words & understanding, it meant a lot. God bless, GillX