Tuesday, 9 April 2013

On the move!

Things have been quiet here in the blog because we are dealing with one of life's big challenges - moving house! This time last year moving was the last thing on our mind, this house was supposed to be our 'forever house' and like many people we said "never again!" as soon as we'd recovered from moving in! Oh how things have changed!!
So we now find ourselves packing our lives and the shop stock into dozens of boxes in advance of a move to Cornwall. We are down sizing so there have been lots of difficult decisions to make regarding our 'stuff' but we are just about there I think. It's been mentally and physically exhausting but there's now a strange echo in the house which means we're nearly done!
So what impact will this have on Total Papercrafts and the kits? In the immediate short term it means that general shop orders won't be shipped for 3-4 weeks. Kits were a bit delayed recently but that has been down to shipping issues from our suppliers to us (more stress I could do without but hey ho!!). The kit subscription will continue as normal, the only difference you may notice is the postmark on your package! Obviously I will not longer be able to teach classes in Kent and Essex but there are things in the pipeline for both clubs. The Essex club is now being run by Jackie da Silva and things are in motion for the Kent group. Evening Masterclasses have now finished but I am still able to teach at weekends. The plan will be to start clubs in and around Cornwall, I love teaching and am already missing it badly!
In the meantime I'm planning something new and exciting which will mean I can still teach but won't need to physically be there. This class will have a kit to go with it which will be available to purchase ahead of time so you can create along with me in real time. You'll need to keep an eye out here for the announcement of when the kits are up on the website to purchase and the date & time of the class. I'm thinking an afternoon at a weekend would be nice, what do you think?
I think that's all my news for now, keep your fingers crossed for us that the move goes ok and I'll catch up with you again when I'm in Pastyland!!!

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