Thursday, 15 March 2012

A cracking discovery!

On our way to Kent club last night we stopped off at Bluewater for something to eat and while I was there I popped into Boots as I needed some white nail polish just for touching up my tips (as you do!!).  I grabbed what was the cheapest as it was only to be a stop gap and I have to admit that I didnt really pay much attention to what I had picked up apart from the fact that it was white.  When we got home I sat down to unwind and relax and decided to try out my purchase - something really weird started to happen!! The colour almost instantly began cracking on my nails and dried quickly with a thick, matte finish.  It looked AWFUL on my nails, suddenly my bargain buy didn't look that great a deal any more!

Obviously, being a crafter the creative cogs instantly began to spin - if it did that on my nails, how would it look on something like chipboard?  Despite it being really late I just HAD to try it out.  My first attempt on plain chipboard did not crack but gave a lovely opaque white painted finish.  Not to be out-foxed by a nail polish I had one more go but this time I smeared a really thin coat of adhesive over the chipboard pieces first.  Success! The crack was almost instant, it was super thick and there were no issues with worrying about painting over areas with the colour on previously.  Check this out......

 Doesn't it create a great effect? I have only had the chance to do these samples and haven't experimented further as I'm really snowed under with stuff right now and having to be very careful after my back went again last week.  I'm sure I'll be playing round with this again soon though - I'm thinking about adding shimmer spray over the top or a little rub 'n' buff perhaps??

So if you are as impressed as I was with this then here is the product to look for, it doesn't say anywhere on it that its a crackle nail polish although the design on the cap might have been a clue (I just thought it was a really arty design!).  I seem to recall it came in other colours as well and all for the princely sum of £3!!

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