Monday, 12 March 2012

A brand new member of our Essex club!

I am bouncing up and down with excitement right now as I am so pleased to let you all know that Lindsey from our Total Papercrafts club in Essex gave birth to her miracle baby boy this evening at 7.28pm. Samuel John weighs in at 5lb 8oz and is absolutely gorgeous!!

I am so very pleased for Lindsey and her family as its been quite a journey for her to get to this point and those of us who are closer to her have witnessed her go through quite a bit of heartbreak along the way. This pregnancy hasn't been without its trial but Lindsey has remained so positive and has relished every moment that took her nearer to meeting her little miracle.

Since receiving the text telling us her waters broke at 2am this morning, there's been a group of her girlfriends buying their nails waiting for updates! It feels like we've been in labour with her (ok, not that bad but it's been stressful!) so it was with huge relief we finally heard that her little man had arrived safe and well.

Lindsey has shared a few pics but I need to check with her if it's ok to add one here. Rest assured, he is beautiful and has stunning dark eyes - a heart throb in the making!! (Edited to say I got the ok to post this!!).

If anyone was meant to be a mummy it is Lindsey and I'm sure you'll join me in sending her loads of love and every best wish possible as she embarks on one of the most amazing love affairs she will ever have. I can't wait for the cuddles so my fingers are crossed that we can meet him at club next week!!

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