Sunday, 26 February 2012

The last day at Make It

Today was the last day of the show and was very much quieter right from the outset. I think the bright sunshine outside made people want to enjoy the fresh air rather than the event! Having more time on our hands was deadly for Claire, I think she must have bought out half of the show! Every little foray out ended up with her returning with carrier bags of goodies!! She did get some good deals though, Claire even did some personal shopping for one of our customers who needed help with inkpad colours - if anyone knew where to get them at a great price it would be Claire! Lol!!

The day went really quickly and we had a fairly steady run of customers with a little mad flurry towards the end. Before we knew it the announcement came that the show had closed and the frantic dash to take down the stands began. It took us half a day to set up but only half an hour to take everything down and pack up, it's amazing how quickly you can throw stuff into a car! So we are now in the car making our way back home (where we still have to unload, urrrggghhh) and we are all a bit weary and somewhat footsore but feeling really pleased with how the weekend has gone.

I want to say a special 'thank you' to the three amazing people who made this event possible - Dave, Lynn and Claire. You were all amazing sales people and worked so hard to make this such an incredible success. I absolutely could not have done this without you guys and I am so grateful to have your support - I love you all xxx

Tomorrow will probably start with a lie-in, I think we have earned it!

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