Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy 2012!!

Everyone at Total Papercrafts wishes you a happy and healthy new year! How did you see in 2012? Did you party your socks off or opt for a quiet night in? However you welcomed this year we hope you're not paying for it today! We have lots of new things coming your way this year including a monthly bonus project that goes hand in hand with our subscription kits. The biggest bonus is that the additional project is completely free!! We'll be announcing the details in the next week or so! Despite my regular blog posts we have been without our phone line and internet for the past week which is making life pretty challenging. Apparently the line is damaged in the street and an engineer will be attending to repair it. Of course it's a bank holiday tomorrow and so we expect to limp along for another few days. In the meantime, the best way to contact us is via email or through our Facebook page. We can collect these messages when drive out to our local wi-fi hotspot. Bear with us but we will get there!!

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