Friday, 22 July 2011

A week in the life

If you've been following my blog for a while you may remember that throughout last December I was inspired by Ali Edwards to create a 'December Daily' album which documented the excitement in our family in the build up to Christmas. I was so pleased with the finished result, most of all because it was a real challenge to complete daily entries during this really busy period in our lives. I was really excited to see Ali's latest inspirational project - 'Week in the Life'!!

Ali has chosen next week as the week she is focussing on and is already posting creativity prompts on her blog at and I've almost decided to join in along with her. The day to day normality of life is really important to capture and I find it easy to find the 'big' moments like birthdays, days out and holidays in my scrapbooks but not so much of the ordinary. How cool would it be to find a book where your Great Grandparents shared the details of an ordinary week? That is what is pushing me to document a week in our life. The only issue, like most people have is finding the time - I have circle journals to complete and a number of projects to design but thats my 'normal' anyway!! What do you think about this idea, could you document a week in your life?

The circle journal adventure is nearing its end and its been quite a long journey! We have a lot in our circle and I'm so pleased and proud that the journals are still merrily making their way on their rounds. They may have moved a bit out of sync and some of us might have been handed 2 at a time but its still moving and thats the most important thing. The main drive behind this circle journal was to offer everyone at our Essex club the chance to get to know something more about each other - some of them didn't know each others' names while others are close outside of club. Another great driver behind this idea was that it offered a chance to be creative in relation to a wide range of topics and we are all about creativity! I have loved seeing some of the club members really blossom and find their style and really explore their creativity, one or two have blown me away!!

There have been a few down sides to this experience for me, there has been a bit of negativity around the process which is a bit sad as this is primarily supposed to be fun. Despite this, the main aim of running this has been more than met - its most apparent by the way in which everyone is a lot more fluid about where they sit. The albums are looking full of gorgeous entries and I'm sure they will be very much appreciated when they finally return to their owners in just a few more rotations. I have a couple to work on over the weekend and am really looking forward to doing them before making a start on 'A Week in the Life' - do you want to join me?!

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