Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Circle journal swap day

Jo's circle journal
Tonight we'll be making our first 'proper' rotation of our circle journals after making our first entries into another album. I was really intrigued by Jo's journal when it arrived in the post, the retro cover piqued my interest and I couldn't wait to see what she had in store for me! I asked her permission to post her journal and my entry here, I really wanted to share my pages but it is her album after all!
I was so excited to read that she wanted to know which item from my scrapbook stash provoked a positive childhood memory and loved her entry. I've crafted since childhood so I suppose I was quite spoilt for choice but I decided to share a memory of being taught to knit as a child which made my stash choice 'fibres'. I don't use fibres very much in my designing despite having a lovely selection in my stash so it was a challenge to get creative with fibres once again. Here is what I came up with.......
I got out my knitting needles (and blew the dust off them!), found a pattern online and knitted the flowers on these pages. There was quite a bit of cursing going on throughout the process as I chose a very difficult ladder yarn to knit with but the finished results were gorgeously textural and shimmery. I added my journaling to a tag which just peeks out the side of the photo mount and tied fibres through the top. I also added a tied bundle of fibres around the bloomers trim across the design. To finish off I added a gift of fibres to my signing in card for Jo to add to her own stash. I loved adding my entry to Jo's journal and felt that her theme really encouraged me to share something meaningful with her - I hope she likes it!
Wendy's circle journal
As I receive the journals through the post I was fortunate to get Wendy's album early rather than waiting until this evening and I couldn't wait to get stuck in! Her journal cover is clean and elegant with gorgeous hand-stamped ribbons tied to the book rings, just beautiful!

I was really keen to read the two entries following Wendy's theme of 'Inspiration and Motivation' and listened to Wendy's cd included in the back of the album. I knew exactly what I was going to share as my source of motivation - my one little word. I chose one word as my focus for 2011 rather than making a resolution and it has made a huge impact in my life already. I added a mini book to my page so that I could explain it all properly and include a couple of photos as well as my journaling. It looks like the Webster's bloomer trim is becoming a signature element in my smaller journal entries lately!!
Wendy kindly agreed to let me post my entry here and I hope that she likes it! I'm now ahead of the game with these journals which is a great feeling and it means I can pass both of them on tonight. I am loving this process so far and am so looking forward to the next one!

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