Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Circle Journal journey begins!

Front cover

Personal introduction

Welcome page

Instructions for completion

My entry - closed

My entry - open

My entry - reverse of recipe and pocket page

My entry - reverse of tags from pocket page

Signing in tags in pocket at back of album
Last night the ladies from the Total Papercrafts Essex club embarked on their circle journal adventure. For most this was a new undertaking and there was quite a bit of excitement in the air as everyone brought in their journals ready to send them around the circle. The list of topics was really varied and I am so looking forward to receiving each of them as we rotate the journals each fortnight. I remembered to take some photos of my journal before I send it off for what looks like will be an 8 month journey around the circle!

My topic is 'Food for Thought' and I was really keen to get to know a bit more about what everyone loves to cook. I find joy in creating something from a group of ingredients that not only nourishes the body but also demonstrates my love for my family and so I was interested for us to share recipes and also the stories behind them. Hopefully everyone who receives the album will contribute something meaningful to it and find something new to try out for themselves!

My recipe steps are broken down onto a series of ATC sized cards and displayed in a cut down ATC page protector. I like adding unusual sized pages to my albums and journals, it keeps it interesting to look through and explore. My recipe story is on two large tags in a pocket page with photos on the reverse side - I find it always helps to have a picture of how something is supposed to look when you are making it! I added a large pocket page at the back of the album filled with tags of all sizes for each member to use to sign in. The tags include spaces for names, the date the journal entry was made and also a fun one liner to be completed, such as...."The last thing I bought was......" The album is filled with plenty of 6" x 8" page protectors, enough for everyone to use as many as they like in fact. I am so looking forward to seeing my album when it comes back from its trip!

In the meantime I have a gorgeous album from Jo to make an entry into, its got me thinking and thats what this is all about!! Watch this space for more details of our circle journals as they make their way around the group.

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