Friday, 20 June 2008

Sneak peeks for tomorrow's crop

Here we go with the sneak peeks........

Delish Designs class

For the Delish class you'll need two 6"x4" portrait photos in black & white - or you could use one large picture if you prefer. You'll beed to bring some black brads and a black inkpad (a really juicy one!) for the class. Make sure your basic toolkit contains some double-sided tape and 3d foam pads as it will make your life a heck of a lot easier!

Loverly class

For this one I used two 6"x4" landscape photos - there's no real theme here as you create your own title from the alphabet stickers provided in the kit. Pop a creamy brown inkpad and some 3d foam pads in your bag together with a few brown brads and you'll be all set.

Nellie's Garden class

This class is unshamedly girlie so you'll need to look out four 3"x4" landscape photos that will work with a pink/green/white colour scheme. You could substitue two 6"x4" portrait photos for this one if you prefer. A moss green inkpad and some cream, white or pink brads are all you need as far as tools go.

Coco collection class

Grab two 6"x4" landscape photos that will work with a blue/cream/brown colour scheme and you're good to go! As for tools, you will need a sharp craft knife and cutting mat, 3d foam pads and a dark brown inkpad.

Daisy ds class

In this class you'll make at least two 12x12 layouts with the masses of product that is in this fabulous kit! I used one 7"x5" portrait photo for the first page and a 7"x5" landscape that was printed in sepia for the second. Bring along a couple of extra pics because you will have more than enough left over to do more! Add double-sided tape, 3d foam pads and a dark brown inkad to your toolkit - plus small sharp scissors as one layout needs a fair bit of intricate cutting (sorry!! LOL!!).

Starbright class

Try to find a couple of bright, colourful photos for this class, either two 6"x4" portraits or one large 6"x8" landscape. There's no particular theme as you can cut your own title to match your pictures but happy, joyful photos woud work best with the fun primary colours of these papers. You'll also need 3d foam pads and either a red or green inkpad and a hadful of small brads.

Sweet Branch class

A 7"x5" landscape photo is all thats needed for this class - in fact it'll be perfect for any of those 1970's pics you have hanging around as the paper colours seem to be an exact match for the faded, slightly orangey cast of photos from this era! Don't stress out trying to find one though as the pastel shades of this kit will match almost anything. Make sure you have plenty of 3d foam pads and a creamy brown inkpad.

Pageframe class

This is still one of my favs - the finished effect is just stunning and I've already picked out the spot where I'm going to hang mine! You'll need a 6"x4" portrait photo where the subjects is near the top of the frame. The theme is 'Love' so a pic of anyone or anything you love would be best - I used a family photo. You'll need a dark brown inkpad and lots of 3d foam pads (don't say I didn't warn you!).

I hope that this helps you prepare for tomorrow and I'll see you from 10am onwards. I have a bonus class running in the middle of the day for only £2.50 - you will only be able to book it once you get there so it will be first come, first served! Take care and we'll see you in the morning, Karen :o)

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