Monday, 23 June 2008

Kit for club this week

For our second club kit this month we are using Daisy ds products - and loads of them!! As well as cardstock, the kit includes an 8x8 pad of 24 double-sided patterned papers, a whole box of daisy ds buttons, a whole box of daisy ds buttons, a whole pack of six spools of daisy ds ribbons, templates and full instructions!

There was so much in the kit that I could have gone on and on creating pages but there's a limit to what we can actually get done in one evening so I'll leave the rest for you to play with later. I decided to create two completely different looks with the papers in the pad - one soft and pastel, the other stronger. The pad in the kit is a real mix of colours and designs which means that there's sure to be something for just about everyone.

I've ordered extra of this kit as it is such great value so if you can't make it to our club but would like a kit just post here on the blog and email me at - first come, first served as usual!

See you on Wednesday! K :o)


Anonymous said...

Can I order 3 please? Suze

CarolynUK said...

Can I have one too pleasae Hun?