Thursday, 24 April 2008

Peeks for crop classes this Saturday

Jack was more than happy to accompany me to McDonalds so that we could upload the peeks today - can't think why?!! Anyway, here goes......

As promised, the MME 'Dreamy' class is very girlie with its pink/orange/red colourway. I used a single large landscape photo but you could use two 6"x4" as an alternative. You'll need a pink inkpad and some 3d foam pads plus a small single hole punch and a sewing needle with a large eye (I used my Making Memories one from the deluxe toolkit).

The 'Felicity' class is one of my favourites with its fresh turquoise and white and a shot of orange to heat things up! I used a single landscape photo but again, this will work well with a number of smaller pics. Bring along a creamy brown inkpad and some 3d foam pads if you're signed up for this one.

Grab a single 6"x4" landscape photo with a travel theme for the Grayson Hall class and you're good to go! This page is high impact with its black and cream colours and shots of red and green for a bit of zing. You'll want a black journaling pen as we have plenty of space for you to tell your traveller's tales on this gorgeous page!

I love the Manhattan line from Autumn Leaves, its very sophisticated in tones of turquoise and brown - perfect for almost any type of photo. I used two trimmed 6"x4" portrait photos in the sample but a single larger pic would work equally as well.

This class is another of my favourites, its very soft and elegant in shades of pink, pale green and white. I used a non-standard 10" x 5 1/2" landscape photo on my sample but you could use a number of smaller photos - heritage photos would work beautifully with these gorgeous products. You'll need a pink inkpad (I used pink pastel) and some 3d foam pads.

Grab a stack of snaps for the Chatterbox class because you can get masses of them on this page! I used a load of photos all taken on one day and used that as my theme but this would be a perfect way to showcase any event where you've taken a ton of pics - think birthday, christening, holiday, family barbecue! We all take masses of photos at these sort of events and then may only ever use a few, on this page you can use them all! Smaller photos would work best - don't go larger than 6" x 4" in any case. You'll also need a green inkpad (I used Lime Pastel) and a paper pricker (or strong sharp needle).

I hope this helps you with your preparations for the crop - don't stress out about finding the perfect photos because I'd be surprised if you get everything completed in class in any event. I like to give you plenty to do!!

See you Saturday! K :o)

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