Friday, 25 January 2008

Crop classes on sale now

Isn't it always the way, everything happens on one day! I've been waiting for the class kits to arrive ready for our crop on 9th Feb and was getting worried as a parcel had been signed for by someone but not me. I was hoping it was with one of my neighbours but one of them seemed to be away - eek!! Anyway, as I was going out of the door to work I spotted someone visiting next door and so knocked on their car window (and scared the heck out of them!!) and asked about the parcel - they had it!! So in the space of a matter of hours I went from no classes to 2.

I rushed back from work in the afternoon so I could get the classes photographed and on the shop but my camera batteries were dead and the kids had kindly left me an empty box in the drawer. So after trying every battery from every remote control etc I remembered the scanner! The classes went up, the emails went out and I dashed off to parents' evening and Jack's school without so much as a chance to draw breath! Its funny how it goes like that sometimes, I can have days that are nicely chilled out and then one comes and bites me on the bum!!

Anyway, the classes are now available and I've added the pics of the kit contents here - one is from K&Co and the other is from My Mind's Eye. The MME kit has sold out of class places but I have a few extra kits that will be available on the day, if you want one then let me know and I can put your name on it.

I'm off to get my nails done to recover from yesterday................!!!! K :o)

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