Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

I spent the whole of this past weekend scrapbooking - pure bliss!! Sarah invited a group of us to crop at her (huge) house for the weekend - from Friday night to Sunday. It was fab to have a group of girlfriends all together and we spent so much time laughing (as we always seem to do!). I'm not the type of person who works well in a social environment, in fact I'm probably the most anti-social scrapbooker I now!! I like to have all my stuff around me plus I am so incredibly slow at designing! I don't really like people seeing my work until its done - and it can take me a few tries to get what I really want. Does this make me sound a bit mad? Nevertheless, I really enjoyed myself and had planned exactly what I wanted to get done during my time there - and it was this page for my Scrapaholic club on 18th April. The kit technique is using punches and there is a really cute flower punch included. I loved the colours of the kit (mainly because I chose them!!) and am really pleased with the finished page.

I took the shop to both Sarah's at the weekend and to Mandy's club in Romford last night. I've been over there a few times before and it was lovely to catch up with everyone. Mandy was a love and promoted our May crop to the club members and we may well have a couple of takers from north of the water - its not that far to come for a good day out!

After the busy past few days I feel in need of a rest but as usual, there is no rest for the wicked!! I have a full day tomorrow and am teaching for the day on Thursday - phew, I feel exhausted just thinking about it all!

Take care, Karen :o)

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Linda said...

How refreshing to know someone else scraps like me. I love crops but never produce much as I prefer to have all my stuff around me and I take ages to get it how I want. Pity I don't have your talent though, lol.