Saturday, 25 November 2006

'Blog-only' offer!

I've sent out a fair few emails this week letting people know about this blog and had the idea of running 'blog-only' special offers that only people who read the blog would get to hear about - kind of like a reward for spending some time with me! I thought I'd make the first one a biggee so I'm offering £5 off three Autumn Leaves titles - 'Designing with Type', 'Designing with Stamping' and 'Designing with Paper'. You need to enter the code TP2511 in the comments box when you order to claim this offer.

As its the weekend, I plan to get all my errands done nice and early and then I'm going to out my feet up with a cup of tea and my January issue of Creating Keepsakes. I hardly got the time to read the last issue and I just love curling up with my books and mags!! The kids are away for the weekend and all is quiet (a bit too quiet to be honest but it's not for long!).

Why not join me and pick out a little something from the books and magazines on our site - you can find them at
Have a great weekend!

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