Monday, 1 August 2011

Total Papercrafts kit 1 for August

Our first kit for August is in the fun colours of raspberry and teal - these colours just make us smile! The kit is jam packed full of stuff to play with including beads and wire to make fab wired flourishes to highlight your photo. We also have a gorgeous chipboard monogram letter 'I' which you can choose to paint, ink or cover with patterned paper and there are four gorgeous sheets of double sided patterned papers to choose from in this kit.
Two of the papers have punched edges - the iron fence used for the railings and the scallop and dot for the ruffled border. No need to worry about finding the exact punches with this one!
The kit contains; cardstock, 4 double sided patterned papers, chipboard monogram, beads, wire, ribbon, paper templates.
You'll also need teal and red inkpas, a single hole punch, some 3d foam pads and it might be helpful to have a pair of pliers to hold the wire while you are making the flourishes - we have some in stock for just £1.99 a set!!
The photo used for the sample is 5.5" x 5.5" and it would be a good idea to have the focal point over to the left of the pic to leave space for the flourishes of the monogram. As the monogram is an 'I', we thought this would perhaps encourage you to step in front of the camera and use a photo of yourself. All to often we can be invisible in our albums so hopefully this will be a push to get yourself in there!! If you really are too shy to use your wn photo then the 'I' can be used to create a host of other titles that start with an 'I' - for example, "I remember when...", "I love this photo because...." or "I love my kids". I think you get what we mean?
If you want to know how to get the teal colour on the sample monogram, we mixed together blue and green acrylic paints from a set we found in the 99p store - super cheap and very easy! You could also use a teal inkpad - as a tip try the ink out on a scrap of the chipboard first to see how it dries, some chipboard can go very dark when inked. If this is the case then try painting the chipboard with white acrylic paint or gesso first, your ink colour will come out a lot brighter. If you aren't into etting messy with paint or ink then you could cover the chipboard with patterned paper and sand the edges to create a clean finished edge that will look like you bought it that way! Whatever you choose to do, we are sure you'll have fun with this kit.

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