Thursday, 31 March 2011

Circle journal - Melissa's

Here we go with another circle journal entry, this time its for Melissa's "Queen for a Day" album. I have to admit to finding this one a little harder than the others I've had so far, mainly because I don't usually think of myself as being able to indulge my every whim! The other restriction was the smaller format of Melissa's album, its a tad smaller than 6" x 4" so I was limited on what I could do creatively. I found some large playing cards the other week and had the idea to use the queens as the basis for my entry and it just happened that the cards were about the same size as the pages so I could cheat and add an extra page to give me more room to journal my heart out. I found some cute heart charms and then of course I had to add the ruffle rose trim, this time in a mini version to stay in scale with the book! In the end I was really pleased with the result and I enjoyed putting it all together - I just hope that Melissa likes it!!

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