Thursday, 2 December 2010

Inspiration Everywhere!

The snowy weather has brought everything to a screeching halt as nothing is coming in or out here! I am taking the opportunity to catch up with a few things, one of these being an online class I promised myself. Every 6 months or so Jessica Sprague offers a free online class that is open to anyone and I have really enjoyed taking part in them as she encourages me to think a bit more about my craft and the meaning behind it. Her current class is 'Inspiration Everywhere' and its a bit different as it is exploring all sorts of different inspirational media. The downloads for each assignment make the class super easy - you can just click, print and glue. The forum and gallery for the class are full of ideas from everyone else taking the class - some go all out while others use just the downloads, all are lovely!

I took some time while snowed in today to catch up with the first 3 days of assignments and am now the proud owner of an Art journal with some fab pages including a mix cd of music that inspires me. I've had great fun reliving memories of creating mix tapes back in the day - its a lost art!! I can highly recommend this class and its not too late to sign up if you fancy joining me - just drop by to register for 'Inspiration Everywhere'!

I've also been inspired by this year's 12 Tags of Christmas from Tim Holtz and its only day 2!! Check out his blog for fab ideas using a host of Ranger products - way more than I have but I have a feeling I can find something that will do!

And now I've just found Ali Edwards' December Daily posts and I'm tempted to create a mini album documenting everything we do this month. Her album looks do-able with its selection of pre-designed page layouts that can be used over again with a block of photos. I'd really love to be able to do this one, I'll need to crack on quickly though as I've already missed 2 days of the month - here's hoping the snow hangs around so I get some time!

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