Monday, 9 November 2009

Just married!

As many of you know, a couple of weeks ago Dave and I flew off together to the beautiful island of Mauritius to get married. We wanted a very personal and private ceremony that focused on what was important to us rather than what we felt was all the nonsense of cars, wedding favours, table plans etc that seem to go along with the 'traditional' weddings here at home. So we booked a gorgeous hotel in a stunning part of the island and had a simple beach wedding that was incredibly romantic and very 'us'!
Just the two of us went which was lovely and romantic but I have to be honest, I really would have loved for our three children to have come along with us. Every day I thought about them and how much they would have loved everything but we had decided that if they couldn't all come then we would go alone (and Dave's children would not have been supported or encouraged to come). We missed them all terribly and to make things harder Dave could not even talk to his children while we were away. That said, this was the only black cloud in our otherwise sunny skies and my Jack was thrilled at the prospect of our wedding - in fact he sent me a text telling me to have a great time and to bring him a Step-Dad back!!
Planning and organising a wedding abroad was so relaxed and easy, I just had to come to terms with the laid-back attitude in Mauritius! We could have practically anything we wanted and so we were able to tailor-make our wedding to suit us individually rather than have a 'cookie-cutter' day. Plus, we were the only wedding to take place at the hotel in the entire fortnight we were there! I did have concerns about our wedding being one of many on a conveyor belt but one of the reasons for selecting our hotel was the fact that they only hold one wedding a day to make sure that they could put all of their effort into each wedding. But in the end we were the only wedding in a fortnight and so practically became mini celebrities amongst the staff and guests with everyone recognising us!
Dave looked so handsome on our wedding day, in fact I almost broke down when I caught my first glimpse of him waiting for me at the top of the steps to the beach - he took my breath away! I had an amazing day, I felt beautiful and was so proud to be marrying Dave, something that I can see that shining out of our wedding photos. I was smiling so widely I thought I was going to burst with happiness! I am happy to report that that feeling hasn't gone away since - I am carrying around my very own bubble of happiness and can't stop smiling!
We had an incredible honeymoon but the fun stuff didn't stop there. We had a beautiful blessing in my local church when we got home followed by a fab wedding reception! We planned things so well that we even managed to 'borrow' the huge firework display that night which just happened to be in front of our restaurant on the beach!
So many people commented to us that they had never been to such a great wedding reception - the venue was stunning, the food was phenomenal and our entertainer was brilliant and incredibly good fun (and what more could you ask for??). The highlight for me was my Jack's speech - he had come up with it all by himself and spoke from the heart and it was perfect (even if his impromptu singing wasn't!! LOL!!). We had a great time and just want to thank everyone who came for giving us one of the best night's of our lives!
So now its down to the business of settling into being Mrs Anderson - new wife and Step Mum! Who knows what the future holds for us but all I do know is that it will be filled with lots of love and laughter!

Anyway, does anyone have any idea how long it will take me to scrap 2000 photos??!!! I have a feeling it'll be a while!!


Corinna said...

Your dress is absolutely STUNNING! You both look sooooo happy. Congratulations and loads of happy wishes for your married life together. Make sure you bring some of those 2000 photos for us to see next time you come up to us in Swindon!

Claire said...

You two look completely gorgeous and happy - what a lovely lovely photo. I've loved reading your wedding blog ... makes me want to rush off and get married ... oh I already am !!
Love to you both - can't wait to se all 2000 photos !