Monday, 22 June 2009

Finally putting our feet up!

It has been a hectic past couple of days but in a good way if you know what I mean? A bit of hard work never hurts and we certainly worked really hard over the weekend with the Kent crop on Saturday and then a trip down to the New Forest for another crop on Sunday!! We got back very late last night and after running on adrenaline for 2 days we both suddenly hit the wall and were exhausted. I decided to have a bit of a break today and while I still had work to do I took things relatively easy (the joys of working for yourself I suppose!).

Saturday was a really lovely day, I really enjoy these crop days in Kent as we get such a fab group of people come along. The classes seemed to be quite popular and for the first time ever we have absolutely no class kits left at all - not a thing and thats despite ordering loads of spare kits for quite a few classes! I've already had emails asking about crop class kits and have had to disappoint quite a few people, perhaps you can make one of our next crop dates?

Pauline had the challenge of using our brand new stock control system (complete with scanner!) on Saturday and coped brilliantly well despite her admitted dislike of technology! I don't think it will be long before she's happily scanning away like mad without even thinking about it, in fact she was more of a pro at it than I was by the end of the day!! Thank you so much Pauline, you really are amazing and we appreciate everything you do for us especially on the crop days - we couldn't cope without you!

I also owe a huge thank you to Claire who despite being otherwise engaged and unable to come to the crop (we missed you!!) still designed a class for us - she is such a sweetheart!! It wasn't the same without her there and she promises to be back with us for the Summer Stay-cation crop in August with two amazing classes!!

Jackie was an absolute star and offered to teach for us after popping in one day and seeing me drowning in deliveries while trying to prepare for the crop! She taught Claire's class and also designed a beautiful class of her own which was hugely popular. Thank you so much hun, I really appreciate you taking some of the pressure off me and if you ever need the favour returned you know where I am!

Dave has become such a pro at running the clasroom side of things that I barely even have to think of something and he's already sorting it out. Anyone who has ever delivered a class will vouch for how important a good classroom assistant is and I think I have the best!! Add to that all the lifting, carrying, setting up, breaking down and driving that he did and all with a great sense of humour and I have a keeper there! You know what, I might even marry him!! LOL!!

We drove to the New Forest straight from the Kent crop and stayed in a gorgeous hotel - we thought we'd earnt it by this point!! All I wanted was a hot shower and a fluffy robe by the time we got there and while I was choosing what complimentary drinks to have courtesy of the very nice night manager, Dave surprised me by running me a huge candlelit bubble bath. I was in absolute heaven and could have quite easily stayed there for hours!!

After a great night's sleep we drove into the heart of the New Forest and joined the girls who were cropping there for the weekend. They had booked a huge cottage with something like 9 or 10 double bedrooms and had come from all over to spend the time scrapping together. It was a great mix of people and I loved hearing the story of how they all got to know each other thanks to UKS and a year-long scrapbooking challenge. Everyone was really friendly and made us feel very welcome and we had the chance to really chat to quite a few during the course of the day - I'm not sure if some of them are talking to me now though after the amount of sanding I left them with for the project class!! I loved Kay's solution to the frustration she began to feel at the propect of sanding masses of fiddly chipboard scallops - cut them off!! I agree, life's too short and it is only cutting and sticking after all!! LOL!!

Thank you to everyone who made the weekend so much fun, we had a blast and look forward to seeing everyone again very soon :o)

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