Saturday, 30 May 2009

More Nickelback at the O2!!

We took Jack to see Nickelback at the O2 again this week and it was phenomenal!! He loves these guys and has been so excited about going to see them, it was contagious. The coolest thing was that they were shooting their video for 'Burn It To The Ground' and the atmosphere was great. Who knows we may even get to see ourselves on MTV sometime?!

Jack sang his head off through the whole concert and even us old folks joined in from time to time. The pyrotechnics were brilliant and they had developed the t-shirt cannons into t-shirt sniper rifles which shot really far into the crowd. As we were in the nosebleed seats we didn't get anywhere near a freebie t-shirt so Jack got himself another tour shirt to add to his collection along with a poster. His room really looks like a teenager's now - tour posters everywhere!
Apparently LJ is a Nickelback fan too and we would have loved to have taken him but Dave still isn't allowed to see the kids for any meaningful amount of time. The sad thing is that the kids are missing out on cool stuff like this because of it - its such a shame that they end up being punished because of their Mum's insecurities.

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